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When exploring how a student might best write mathematics for others the focus should be on locating a method that is efficient for the student, can be proofread by them and which is effective in enabling them to communicate their ideas clearly and correctly.

Pen(cil) and paper is still the usual method for writing up mathematics and may be used up to and during degree level for some work. For most people handwriting mathematics is faster than typing it. At degree level students may be required to write up some, but not all, mathematical work using a computer for the first time. The resource format in which they work may be prescribed.

It is important to understand that any method of writing up mathematics is a learnt skill. Where the method used differs from their peers a student will need to be taught how to produce new symbols and structures in their notation.

If a student is to use a computer to write mathematics in place of using handwriting they may need to experiment with different software to find a method which works for them. The software used may need to change over time to match the complexity of mathematics being communicated.

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