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STEM Enable is an online searchable, collaborative community for information, advice and personal experience on enabling accessibility for people with print impairments studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in higher education.

STEM Enable is under construction and has a current focus on the accessibility solutions for mathematical notation in mathematics and physics in higher education. We welcome content from everyone with information, knowledge or experience in any STEM subject. To add your own knowledge and experience please contact us. To discuss the content or report problems please use the Forum.

This work is supported by the Institute of Physics and the University of Bath. For further information please e-mail E.H.Cliffe@bath.ac.uk.

To find out more, visit our theme pages:

I'm a STEM student and I have difficulties reading standard print or using a pen and paper effectively. How can I access STEM subjects at university?

As a STEM lecturer how can I create accessible learning environments?

As an Assistive Technologist how do I learn about specialist technologies needed for access to STEM?

As a Disability Practitioner supporting STEM students how do I support access to STEM learning and assessment?