Reading Word (Structured; MathType) documents with NVDA/Lecturer

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In order for a student to use this method you will need to create documents in the format Word (Structured; MathType) or convert your document to this format.

Further information

The information on this page extends that on Reading Word (Structured; MathType) documents with NVDA but is relevant specifically for those in role Lecturer.


Create a test document following the process Creating Word (Structured; MathType) documents. The student should test that they can access this using the process Reading Word documents with NVDA/Student.

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Locate all teaching materials written in Word but not Word (Structured) and Add structure to Word.
  • This process cannot be automated
  • Your department or institution may have staff available to assist with this task
  • This task does not need mathematical knowledge

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Talk to the student and support staff:

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If you are responsible for conversion then follow the process Converting Word (Structured) to Word (Structured; MathType) for each document.


An example of Word (Structured; MathType) can be downloaded from...