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This is a property of type Page. It links to pages that use the form Process type.

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Converting LaTeX (Transformable subset) to produce both PDF and MathJax +Document conversion  +
Converting Word (Structured) to Word (Structured; MathType) +Document conversion  +
Converting Word (Structured; MathType) to MathJax or MathML +Document conversion  +
Converting Word to Speech (Electronic) with CAR +Document conversion  +
Converting Word to Word (Structured) +Document conversion  +
Converting between vector graphics formats +Image conversion  +
Creating LaTeX (Transformable subset) +Document creation  +
Creating Word (Structured) documents +Document creation  +
Creating Word (Structured; MathType) documents +Document creation  +
Creating a tactile diagram +Image conversion  +


Diagram description +Image conversion  +


Effective entry of equations in Word +Document creation  +


Forcing IE8 emulation +Technical requirement  +


Print conversion +Document conversion  +
Print recognition +Document conversion  +
Provision of full notes prior to lectures +Content communication  +


Reading MathJax with ChromeVox +Reading  +
Reading MathJax with NVDA +Reading  +
Reading MathML or MathJax with JAWS +Reading  +
Reading Word (Structured; MathType) documents with NVDA +Reading  +
Reading Word documents with CAR +Reading  +
Reading aloud MathJax or MathML using ClaroRead +Reading  +
Reading aloud MathJax or MathML using textHelp ReadAndWrite for Windows +Reading  +
Reading aloud MathJax using textHelp ReadAndWrite for Chrome +Reading  +
Reading and writing LaTeX using the LaTeX-access scripts +Document conversion  +
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