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MathType is an equation editor which can be used with Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. It can be used via Mouse or Keyboard alone. It takes input of LaTeX for formulae and paste of complete MathML expressions. It is required to produce the format Word (Structured; MathType) and to produce the format MathML or MathJax from Microsoft Word. It can be used more easily by some people than the standard Microsoft Word equation editor. It can be used with Duxbury DBT Win to produce Braille, including formulae, and it can be used to create Print (Large) when working with Word (Structured; MathType). It is necessary for some other assistive technologies to function.

This software is of type Equation editor. This software has no reported version differences. The cost of this software is approximately £ 38.00

Further information

Further information and examples suitable for all may be available. Further information about this software can be found at the following pages:

Details for specific roles

No detailed information has yet been provided on this software for any specific role.


This software requires the following software to function:

No hardware requirements known. No skills requirements known.

Used in processes

This software is used in the following processes:

Purchasing and free trial

A free trial is available for 30 days.

  • After this MathType will convert to a 'lite' version which allows users to view documents containing equations produced by MathType.
  • A licence key can be purchased online and supplied to the trial software to convert it to the full version.


To install the trial version of MathType for Windows:

  • Go to the MathType download page. Download the file and run it. You can watch the installation process in the video below. The only sound in the video is that generated by software.

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