Evaluation of Software to support Disabled Students in Mathematics

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A Jisc TechDis HEAT Case Study of InftyReader and MathType is presented. This document is no longer available online but can be requested from Emma Cliffe.

This case study was written by Emma Cliffe, Susannah Doyle. It provides information suitable for Higher Education. It provides information suitable for Assistive Technologist, Disability Practitioner.



Overview of content

Section headings:

  • Why did you undertake this particular inclusion project?
  • What was the context in which you used/developed this inclusion approach?
  • What technologies and/or e-tools were available to you?
  • What was the overall design or plan?
  • Please outline any significant developments.
  • What benefits did your inclusion approach produce?
  • How did you develop and subsequently embed this inclusion approach?
  • Did implementation of this inclusion approach have any disadvantages or drawbacks?
  • How did this inclusion approach accord with or differ from any relevant departmental and/or institutional strategies?
  • Summary and Reflection
  • References
  • Appendix A: Tasks for access to mathematics which may be accomplished with combinations of listed software packages
  • Appendix B: Comparison of processes for producing alternative versions of mathematical text
  • Appendix C: Comments from students regarding SmartDraw and MathType
  • Appendix D: Unforeseen set up difficulties

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