Creating Word (Structured; MathType) documents

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Word (Structured; MathType) documents are the most accessible Word documents that can be created. This should be the target format for all new Word scientific and mathematical documents.

This process is of type Document creation. It has output resource formats Word (Structured; MathType). It can address challenges such as Accessing resources, Reading mathematics, Writing mathematics.

Further information

Details by role and level

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  • No information specific to level of study has been provided for this process.

Associated processes

This process is used within: Converting Word (Structured; MathType) to MathJax or MathML. This process has sub-processes:


Converting Word (Structured; MathType) to MathJax or MathML

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Creating Word (Structured; MathType) documents

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Converting Word to Word (Structured) and Creating Word (Structured) documents


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