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This process enables a lecturer to produce a master LaTeX (Transformable subset) document rather than just LaTeX. Such masters can be used to produce multiple output formats.

This process assumes high level LaTeXer skills and must be followed exactly. It is not recommended that a student use this process themselves until they have obtained proficiency as a LaTeXer by another route. In most cases this would only be a reasonable aim for a postgraduate student in a mathematical subject. It may be a reasonable aim for some undergraduates in Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research who has access to specialist local support already proficient in this method.

This process is of type Document creation. It has output resource formats LaTeX (Transformable subset).

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This process is used within: Converting LaTeX (Transformable subset) to produce both PDF and MathJax. This process has no known sub-processes.

Converting LaTeX (Transformable subset) to produce both PDF and MathJax

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Creating LaTeX (Transformable subset)


Which transformable subset?

This process uses the subset of LaTeX which can be transformed by TeX4ht. The subset is currently ill-defined. Any information regarding what cannot be transformed should be added below.


The LaTeX package thmtools cannot be used. The package redefines some counters in such a way that numbering in the converted document is incorrect.

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