Building momentum towards inclusive teaching and learning: A good-practice guide for undergraduate physics

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This reports on a project led by the Institute of Physics which investigated the move towards more inclusive undergraduate teaching and learning in physics departments in the UK including the barriers that physics and other STEM departments face.

The PDF is linked below. A Word format copy can be requested from [].

This development was produced by Institute of Physics. Information is correct as of 2017. The information is suitable for Higher Education. The information is suitable for Disability Practitioner, Lecturer. Further information can be found at:


This development is relevant to:

The particular STEM challenges considered are:


  • The challenges successfully met were:
  • To meet these challenges the following processes were employed:
    • None
  • The following skills were also built:
    • None

Overview of content

Section headings:

  • Introduction
  • Background to the inclusive learning project
  • Summary of good practice in an inclusive physics department
  • Good practice in physics departments
    • Strong and effective leadership
    • Making progress on leadership
    • Clear and consistent policies and practices
    • Making progress on policies and practice
    • Ongoing training and development
    • Making progress on training and development
    • Encouraging disclosure
    • Making progress on disclosure
    • Engagement with central student support services
    • Making progress on communicating with support services
    • Communicating student support needs
    • Making progress on communicating support
    • Ensuring adjustments in all assessment conditions
    • Making progress on exams and assessment
    • Lab accessibility and assessment
    • Making progress on lab accessibility
  • Degree accreditation and competence standards
  • Next steps for the IOP
    • STEM Enable: a national resource for information and advice on accessibility in STEM
    • Providing networks to share good practice and support strategies more widely
    • Understanding core competencies
  • References and further reading
  • Acknowledgements
  • Appendix: Breakdown of responses to the survey of disabled student members of IOP by disability compared to national statistics

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