Accessible Content Creation in Mathematics

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Portland Community College funded two full-time mathematics staff to investigate accessibility challenges. Findings and best practice are reported.

This is a rich case study reported by video, blog and article. Linked from the blog are online guides which came out of the project.

This case study was written by Chris Hughes, Scot Leavitt. It provides information suitable for Higher Education. It provides information suitable for Assistive Technologist, Disability Practitioner, Lecturer. Further information can be found at:



Overview of content

The headings in this article are:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Background of the project
  • Project process and progress
  • General best practices
  • Specific best practices
  • Recommendations
  • Converting content (Appendix)
  • Anticipated questions (Appendix)

Please note that there is also a video, blog and online guides to explore.

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